Yo, welcome to Veersila!

The Veersila adventure began in 2023, right in the pulse of Oslo. I'm Willian Pozo, a passionate soccer player with a heart for fashion, along with my partner in crime Bethy, an entrepreneur with a nose for the next big thing in trends. We found ourselves frustrated by the limited and monotonous selection of streetwear in the market – too much of the same without that extra something that screams "this is me".

Veersila was born from the idea of a journey "from darkness to light". Growing up on the east side of Oslo, we've been inspired by both the good and tough times, which is reflected in our designs. With Veersila, we aim to do more than just dress you up; we want to tell stories, celebrate the many facets of life, and show that fashion can also have depth and meaning.

The road here has been filled with challenges, but each one has only made us more motivated to push on. We're here to share our own experiences and visions through Veersila, and spread messages that matter.

What does Veersila mean?

"Veer" is about taking a new direction – exactly what we're aiming for in the streetwear world. "Sila" means "character" in Swahili, and together, Veersila represents our mission to bring something new and authentic to the streetwear scene, with clothes that have soul and personality.

Veersila is more than a clothing brand

We want you to feel great, look sharp, and be comfortable in our clothes. Through design and collabs, we aim to inspire and share stories that hit home.

Veersila is dedicated to everyone who has a story to tell, whether you're in the midst of challenges or seeking inspiration to keep your spirits high. Our motto, "For every dark night, there is a brighter day, keep yo head up", stands as a symbol of our belief in hope and perseverance.

Are you ready to become part of the Veersila family? Join us on this journey from darkness to light, and let's explore how true streetwear is not just about fashion, but also about courage, inspiration, and telling the stories that really matter.

Welcome to Veersila – where your story is our biggest inspiration.